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It’s natural for human beings to believe that babies happen as a matter of course… …until the devastating truth hits some of us… Fertility Problem. A harsh reality of life.

The couple involved suffers silently, with its own psychological implications, leading to enormous emotional, physical and even financial strain.The societal pressures further increase the couple’s agony, affecting their careers, adding to the already high stress… at the most active, productive phases of their lives. All this makes fertility problems more than just a problem, a disease… it’s almost a social curse… Which is why it needs more than just a fertility clinic. It needs a whole movement for life.

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Journey of pregnancy at 54 years of age with 35 years of infertility from Dhule to Origin

      We faced isolation by the society and ill treatment, but supported each other as a couple. Coincidentally, I had seen the news about Dr Mane having delivered the first surrogate mother of Thane on a small piece of crumbled newspaper at my house. Somehow, I believed that I must go to meet this doctor. I insisted and so my husband took me to Thane in June 2009. Dr Mane made me feel positive and gave me a renewed hope. Miraculously, my test came positive in the first attempt of IVF in October 2009. In order to earn our livelihood, my husband had to go back to Dhule. As I was alone here, Dr Mane arranged for me to stay with his parents, who looked after me during the entire pregnancy. I gave birth to a baby boy, Sarthak in June 2010. His name was chosen because our lives became meaningful on that day. Our son is doing very well at school and he is always keen to visit Origin and meet Dr Mane. We were happy for each other and were very happy to prove to the world that we were just like any other couple. This was all possible due to the entire Origin team headed by Dr Mane. We remain thankful and grateful to them and even Dr Mane’s parents.


      In Dec 2017, a couple from Ethiopia struggling with secondary infertility visited again. 29 year old wife had problem of severe egg weakness (very low AMH 0.89). Couple had miscarriage in prior pregnancy.
She underwent IVF/ICSI treatment in Dec 2017 which resulted in twin pregnancy. Currently she is at 8 weeks ongoing twin pregnancy

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