Treatment of infertility depends on the cause. Investigating both the partners is crucial. After taking a detailed history, performing a thorough examination and appropriate investigations the most suitable treatment option for the couple is chosen.

The fertility treatment options include:
Reassurance and Psychosexual counseling :

This part of the fertility treatment must never be underestimated. Most couples are very stressed and anxious. They are very unhappy and need a lot of confidence building. A good rapport development is necessary. It is important that couples do not feel rushed during a consultation. They need time. Sometimes emotions will come and its probably best to let them out. Careful understanding of the underlying problem and the available options is very important for a successful outcome to any fertility treatment. Knowledge of their proble helps people to relax and are able to cope with it better.


If there is anovulation (difficulty in formation of eggs), this can be treated with the use of medications (tablets and hormone injections). Timed natural intercourse at the time of ovulation may result in a pregnancy.

Fertility Treatment - IUI

This is insertion of the selected sperm from the male partner into the womb. This can be used with ovulation induction if natural methods do not bring success. If there is any obvious abnormality in the womb or the tube (detected by sonography), surgery may be needed to correct this. This is a simple form of treatment and has a limited success rate of 15 to 20%.

Fertility Treatment - IVF Treatment

If the tubes are damaged (generally by infection) and are not repairable, IVF may become necessary. In this method, the eggs are collected from the female partner by doing a minor procedure. These eggs are then mixed with the sperms. This leads to fertilisation (fusion of the egg and the sperm) resulting in the early pregnancy called embryo. Of the available embryos, the good quality ones are chosen and inserted back into the womb (Embryo transfer). If the embryo is accepted by the lining of the womb, the treatment is successful.

ICSI (injecting the sperm into the egg)

If the sperm is abnormal, the couple may need ICSI treatment. This is done in the laboratory wherein a sperm is injected into the egg. The fertilized eggs lead to embryos, which are then transferred into the womb. This sophisticated technique is only available in the most advanced centres.


If the female partner is unable to carry a pregnancy for physical or psychological reasons, the embryos are transferred into the uterus of another lady who is willing to carry the pregnancy for nine months and deliver. After birth, the biological parents are handed over the baby. In this process legal agreements are made and terms and conditions of the contract are laid down.

Gestational Surrogacy :

If own eggs and sperms are used for creating the embryos that are then transferred to the surrogate mother, this form of treatment is called gestational surrogacy.

Egg Donation Surrogacy :

If the embryos are created using own sperms, but with donor eggs and then transferred to the surrogate mother, then this is called as egg donor surrogacy treatment.

Understand the natural process of conception

It is important to know the days when you are likely to fall pregnant. This generally 14 days before your period is due. Normal relations on few days before and after is the best way to achieve a pregnancy normally

Reduce weight in overweight individuals

Excess weight leads to hormonal imbalance and ovulatory disorders. It is a very important part of any fertility treatment. This could be done by adjusting the diet (calorie intake) and doing regular exercises (calorie expenditure).

Give up smoking

Smoking is well known to affect the sperm quality adversely.

Stress management

Try to relax because too much stress does not help.Hormonal disturbances may be caused.

Timely appropriate treatment

Infertility can be treated in most cases, but it is important to seek the correct and timely advice from Specialists in this field. Please ensure that you start treatment in a specialised fertility centre. If you are not careful, you may undergo unnecessary investigations and prolonged treatment. This may result in waste of valuable time.