How would I know that I am pregnant ?

  • Most common first symptom of pregnancy is a missed period In an otherwise regular cycle.
  • Other possible signs & symptoms are morning sickness, faintness, heaviness/tenderness of breasts increased frequency of urination etc.
  • Confirmation of pregnancy is done only by testing urine or blood for presence of BHCG

What I should or shouldn’t eat ?

There is no specific food items which is contraindicated in pregnancy. But due to presence of nausea indigestion and extra requirement of pregnancy you need to eat sensibly.

  • Cut down on spicy and greasy food as much as possible.
  • Avoid outside food from hygiene point of view.
  • Eat small meals at frequent intervals.
  • Include nutritious food items rich in iron, calcium, protein Like, leafy vegetables, fruits, dry fruits, milk, homemade milk products, soya pulses etc.

When shall I need to call my doctor in between the scheduled visits ?

Minor discomforts like mild backache, leg cramps, acidity, few throw ups are common in pregnancy. Some of the warning signs call for your doctors immediate attention are :-

  • Any amount of bleeding Per vaginum.
  • Frank watery discharge P/V. specially when sudden.
  • Real pain/cramp in abdomen or lower back which tends to be intermittent .
  • Excessive vomiting i.e inability to retain anything you eat or drink.
  • Blurring of vision, severe headache dizziness.