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    The couples suffering from severe egg / sperm factor and with history of previous failed self IVF cycles maybe advised to go for Embryo Donation. They will not need to undergo the full IVF procedure. Medications will be given to prepare the womb for the embryo transfer and then either fresh / frozen embryos will be transferred.

    Patient Instruction

    Once your cycle has been planned, you will be given/mailed your IVF cycle schedule. Mostly, you will be prescribed to take an oral contraceptive 1 month prior to cycle. Injections for down regulation will be started a few days prior to stopping the OC pills and you will have to come to the hospital for the first dose. The remaining injections can be taken at home and administered subcutaneously. As per the schedule you will have to stop the oral contraceptive pill and await periods. On the 2nd or 3rd day of periods, you will be asked to start a estrogen tablet to create a good lining of the womb.
    Monitoring of cycle
    You will have to come once or twice to assess the endometrial thickness. This involves doing a sonography trans-vaginally and might be repeated if growth is inadequate.
    Embryo Transfer
    The Frozen embryos will be then thawed in the lab by our embryologist. The quality and number of embryos will be informed to you by our embryologist. The embryo transfer procedure itself is very simple and painless requiring no pricks. So please come to the hospital stress free. You will be asked to hold urine to allow an easy transfer. Prior to the transfer, the choice of Assisted Hatching will also be given to you. The embryo transfer is done with a thin needless plastic cannula and needs no anaesthesia. You can immediately get up post procedure and evacuate your bladder. You can go home after sometime.
    Post ET care
    The post procedure period requires no extra care or precautions. You will be advised to take rest for first few days. Following which you can do all your household activities. There are NO FOOD RESTRICTIONS. Supportive injections and medicines will be prescribed to you for the next fifteen days.
    Pregancy Test
    After 15 days of embryo transfer, you are expected to do a blood pregnancy test.