A surrogacy arrangement is one where one woman(the surrogate mother) agrees to bear a child for a married couple (the intended parents).

Surrogacy can be used for women who are unable to carry a baby themselves. This may be due to hysterectomy, pelvic disorder, or where a pregnancy would be a serious risk to health. Surrogacy can also provide a solution for women who suffer repeated miscarriage or late pregnancy loss.

Surrogacy involves the transfer of embryos created using the eggs and sperms of couple undergoing treatment, into the womb of another woman, the "Surrogate", and is carried out when for some reason a woman cannot carry a child herself.

Surrogacy Patient's feedback

Surrogacy questions and answers

Once the treatment has started, you will need to come to India on the 2nd or 3rd day of your period. As per the timetable of the treatment, you need to take some medications while you are at home.

My assistant would send you the list of investigations that you can do before coming to India. Some of these can even be done on your arrival.

Generally, if the timetable is planned properly, you need one visit to come for the treatment and the second can be to take the baby home. Your first visit would be for about 15 to 17 days and the second could be for about a month.

Approximate cost for one treatment is about $17000. When details are available, further clarity can be provided.

Unfortunately, if the surrogate does not get pregnant, the complete treatment needs to be repeated. If you have frozen embryos from the first cycle, then these can be transferred without you having to visit India again. If we do not have frozen embryos or if we wish to do a fresh cycle again, you need to come again. Your husband does not have to come again if we have kept his sperms frozen. The cost is likely to be the same again.

We have a database of surrogate mothers as we are constantly recruiting mothers. There are many who approach us for this treatment. They are screened to ensure that they are in good health. Their physical and mental assessment is done and they are then counselled. It is important to ensure that they understand the process fully and are committed to the treatment. Some stay at home for most of the time as they have their own children. Some are willing to stay at the surrogate home provided by the clinic. The cost of their stay is additional.

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