Treatment Options

Treatments of Infertility:

Treatments of infertility depends on the actual cause, age of woman and marriage duration. The couple should be able to cope with both medical and emotional aspect of infertility. Thus “counseling” is the integral part of the infertility treatment at all stages.

A detailed history and analysis of the past treatment is done to detect the cause of the delay in conception. This knowledge is shared with the couple to ensure that they are fully aware of the past, current and future process. Thorough counseling helps them to gain confidence, so that future treatment can be undertaken jointly with a true a positive mindset.

 Treatment steps in a progressive systematic manner are as follows:

Natural relations -1 to 2 years
Determine the cause
Ovulation tabs + Natural -4 months
Ovulation tabs + Natural + IUI - 3 months
About 3 years
Role of Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy
Ovulation tabs/Inj + Natural + IUI -3 months
About 5 years

The above plan may change as per the woman's age and other factors

 Advanced Treatment Options:

Eggs Sperm Uterus
Option 1 Own Own Own
Option 2 Donor Own Own
Option 3 Own Donor Own
Option 4 Donor Own Surrogate
Option 5 Own Own Surrogate
Option 6 Embryo Donation Own
Option 7 Adoption

Process of Donor egg cycle

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Process of Self-ICSI cycle (1)

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