Surrogacy treatment in India


Process of Self IVF / ICSI cycle with a surrogate mother (Gestational Surrogacy)

When you confirm your plans for treatment with your own eggs and sperms and surrogate mother, the following processes are involved for surrogacy treatment in India :

Your (Genetic parents) involvement :


You detailed history, including past medical and surgical details and review of relevant past investigations helps us to decide the plan of action.

Pretreatment checklist

This includes tests on you and your partner to prepare for further treatment.

Cycle coordination followed by Down regulation

Both you and the surrogate are started on birth control pills to coordinate your periods. You will be given the exact date on which to stop the pill. Down regulation injections (GnRH injections) are started towards the 21st day of the period. These are given till one day before the egg collection procedure. These can be given by your local doctor till the day of your travel to India.

Travel to India

You should plan to travel to India two to three days before the donors egg collection.

Ovarian stimulation

On your arrival in India, we will start the hormonal injections to stimulate egg production in the ovaries. These are needed for 10 to 11 days. Any remaining tests (such as semen or blood tests) can also be done at this stage to complete our workup. The consulting rooms, ultrasound room and the pathology lab are located next to each other for your convenience. A semen sample is collected to freeze for backup.

Close observation

During the ovarian stimulation you are under close medical observation. This includes ultrasound monitoring and blood tests to maintain good control.

Egg Collection

Around the 14th day, the donors egg collection is performed in our dedicated IVF theatre. After this stage, the donors involvement is finished. A fresh sample is taken from your partner on the day for the further process. We provide a special en-suite room for this purpose.

IVF/ICSI Laboratory Work :

Further work with the eggs and the sperms takes place in our state of the art embryology laboratory. Embryos are incubated in the special incubators till the day of embryo transfer (day 3 or 5). During the time that the egg donors treatment is going on, your preparation is done for the embryo transfer

Return Home

You could return home at this stage. In this manner your stay in India could be limited to about 8 days.


Surrogate Selection Process

YWe send you profiles so that you can choose the surrogate mother for your child. All baseline tests are performed at this point. These include blood counts, blood sugars, baseline scan, blood group and so on.

Psychological Evaluation

A thorough counseling session with the surrogate and her partner is undertaken to ensure that they understand the process fully and are doing an informed choice. They can still walk away at this stage without any obligation.

Surrogate Evaluation

The selected surrogate undergoes detailed tests such as infection screen (HIV, Hepatitis B and C, VDRL and CMV), cytogenetic tests (karyotyping), Haemoglobin electrophoresis and so on. Any other tests that you may request will also be performed.

Cycle Coordination followed by Down Regulation

The donor and the surrogates periods are coordinated. Down regulation injections (GnRH injections) are started towards the 21st day of the period. These are given till one day before the egg collection procedure.

Preparing the lining of the Womb

The surrogate mother is given hormonal tablets on a daily basis to ensure that the lining of her womb grows well so that your embryos can get an ideal bed for implantation at the time of embryo transfer. This is done for a minimum of two weeks.

Other Supporting treatment to the Surrogate Mother

Progesterone is given to the surrogate mother from the day of the egg collection. This is continued till the pregnancy test and thereafter reviewed.

Transferring the Embryos to the Womb

Generally 3 to 5 days after the egg collection, the embryos are ready to be transferred into the surrogate mothers womb. We check all the available embryos and grade them. The selected good ones are then released into the surrogate mothers womb gently.

Pregnancy Test

This important day is generally the 14th day after the embryos are transferred into the surrogate mothers womb. The levels of B HCG in the surrogate mothers blood are tested to detect pregnancy. This may have to be repeated 48 hours later to check if the levels are rising adequately.

Further Care

Once the pregnancy is confirmed, the surrogate mother is encouraged to rest and take the necessary dietary supplements regularly. They are provided full emotional, physical, medical and financial support throughout the pregnancy. This includes, diet advise, vaccination, blood tests, ultrasound scans, yoga and so on. Accommodation can also be organized for them.

The Origin’s Involvement:


Our internationally trained experts will review your history and all previous treatment (including investigations) to give you a truly expert opinion.

Individualised Services

Based on our evaluation of your case and the opinion provided, you are expected to make an informed choice of further treatment. Together we then take the matter further. This may include choosing a suitable egg donor or a surrogate mother. Sometimes surgery may appear necessary to improve our success rates. If this is chosen, we can organize this for you. Blood, semen or any other test required in your case can be organized by us. The best part is all these services are provided within the three floors of the Origin centre.


Once the background evaluation, planning and preparation is complete, we put a schedule in place so that you can start making your arrangements to visit us. Our dedicated fertility coordinator works on each case with an individual attention to ensure smoothness throughout.


We mediate on your behalf to make sure that all parties are well informed of the terms and conditions of the agreement. Tuning expectations is an important aspect of this treatment. We also ensure that the surrogates and the donors interests are looked after. They are provided the emotional, physical, social and financial support. Our egg donors and the surrogate mothers are very happy and satisfied with our services. When fairness, transparency, sincerity and honesty is guaranteed the whole process becomes enjoyable for all.

Support Services

The Origin’s support services such as pathology, pharmacy, scanning, counseling and so on are available at all times for our patients.

Superspecialist Medical management

Our doctors are trained in UK for over 12 years. They have worked as specialists in these fields in UK for many years. They have also worked in USA. This has provided them a first hand experience of advanced medical care in the following fields.

Legal Involvement

We employ the services of a lawyer to look after the legal matters for surrogacy treatment in India. This is moreso important when surrogate mothers are involved. A detailed agreement covering all the agreed terms and conditions is signed by all parties. All are then expected to abide by this agreement. Legal hastles are rare, but the presence of a legal agreement provides a sense of security to all involved. If sincerity, honesty and transparency is maintained by all throughout the process, then the need to refer to this legal agreement would be even rarer.