We welcome you to our Maternity care. This package ensures that your antenatal care goes smoothly, without missing any important steps. The schedule of visits and tests is based on the international norms for good standards of care during pregnancy and childbirth. All available tests are performed so that your pregnancy is uneventful. The sonographies, blood tests and follow up visits are arranged to rule out any abnormalities of pregnancy. Once you are registered for the package your worries are taken over by us and our staff will be in touch with you for your appointments. In this manner your mind is relaxed so that you enjoy the pregnancy.

Your visit schedule will generally be as follows

4 Weeks: For registration of Pregnancy.
7 weeks: Sonography to confirm pregnancy location and well being.
There are certain blood tests that are important to be done
early in pregnancy.
9 weeks: For discussion of the reports. Sonography may be repeated
at this visit
12 weeks: NT scan is done at this stage
16-18 weeks: Blood Test (Serum screening) to know the risk of baby having any
abnormality will be done along with routine checkup.
,In this visit you will be asked to do the Anomaly Scan. Detailed
18-20 weeks: Sonography is done to make sure that baby’s all organs have
developed well.
24 weeks: Regular antenatal check up. Weight, pulse, blood pressure
and urine,examination is performed.
28 weeks: Blood test: CBC, fasting & 2hr PP blood sugar & urine.
32 weeks: Routine Antenatal check up.
34 weeks: Growth scan is performed to check baby’s growth.
36 weeks: Antenatal check up. NST is performed to confirm fetal well being.
37 weeks onwards: Routine check up weekly. NST if required.