Case Studies

Pregnancy at age of 40!

  • Mrs. DK and Mr. PQ had primary infertility since one year.

Pregnancy with unhealthy tubes and poor sperms!

  • Mrs. DP and Mr.AB, age 33 and 36 years respectively, presented with Primary

Pregnancy in a moderately obese woman!

  • Mrs. AB and Mr.CD presented to us with secondary infertility for 10 years Mrs.

Pregnancy in a case of adenomyosis and multiple fibroids!

  • Mrs. ST and Mr.BD, 35 and 40 years old respectively, presented as a case of primary Infertility.

Pregnancy in a case of bilateral tubal block!

  • Mrs. PN and Mr. DN presented to us as a case of secondary infertility

Pregnancy in a case of low AMH!

  • Mrs. ST and Mr. KT , aged 33 and 34 years respectively, presented to with secondary infertility for 4 years.