If you are having difficulty in getting pregnant, it is best to seek advice without too much delay. Beyond 35 years age, fertility starts to decline rapidly in women.

Male factor- 30%, Ovulatory- 20%, Tubal & other factor- 20% , Unexplained- 30%

Inability to conceive after regular relations over a period of one year is defined as infertility.

Yes, every possible treatment in the world for infertility is available at The Origin.

Most patients go home within 4 to 6 hours. Admission is rarely required.

Yes, you will need to visit us in a planned fashion. Advance planning is possible. Many such couples have already undergone treatment successfully. Couples travel from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, all over Maharashtra and other states of India. Many couples have come for treatment from UK, USA, Bahrain and other Gulf countries, Hongkong, Korea and so on

The Origin center has all the latest technology and equipment imported from UK, Europe and USA. The directors, Dr Sandeep Mane is very experienced fertility specialists trained in UK for 12 years. Dr Sandeep Mane has been a consultant in UK in infertility and gynecological ultrasound scanning. The center has policies, work culture and discipline exactly as followed in UK. Infertility can be treated in most cases, but it is important to seek the correct and timely advice from specialists in this field

  • Modern lifestyle with delays in conception for career prospects
  • Increase in male factor infertility all over the world
  • Increase in obesity and its consequences
  • Increase in sexually transmitted diseases all over the world
  • Reduce weight in overweight individuals
  • Give up smoking and heavy drinking
  • Try to relax because too much stress does not help

The success of fertility treatment depends upon the underlying cause. Simple measures such as IUI are successful in 15 to 20% and IVF/ICSI in 50 to 60%.