Case Studies

Pregnancy in a moderately obese woman!

Couple History

  • Mrs. AB and Mr.CD presented to us with secondary infertility for 10 years Mrs.
  • AB was 37 year old and was very obese . She had one natural conception in 2018 which resulted in ectopic pregnancy for which laparoscopy was done and left tube was removed.


  • AMH -0.43
  • Semen analysis- normal


  • Low Ovarian reserve, Tubal factor
  • Associated factor- Obesity.( weight 104kg)
  • Patient was advised Donor egg IVF.

IVF cycle

  • During first IVF cycle using donor eggs, three day 3 embryos were transferred after laser assisted hatching which resulted in failure.
  • Patient was advised weight loss however she could not manage more than 4 kgs weight loss.
  • Hysteroscopy was done to rule out intrauterine pathology. After hysteroscopy second cycle was done with frozen embryos. Three D3 embryos with laser assisted hatching were transferred.

Positive Outcome

  • Beta HCG done 15 days later was 293 which doubled well. Early scan showed single live pregnancy.