Case Studies

Pregnancy with unhealthy tubes and poor sperms!

Couple History of Infertility

  • Mrs. DP and Mr.AB, age 33 and 36 years respectively, presented with Primary
  • Infertiliy since 6 years. Husband gave history of heavy smoking and alcohol consumption.
  • Mrs. DP had undergone three cycles of IUI outside with negative results.


  • Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy procedure revealed unhealthy fallopian tubes.
  • Semen analysis of Mr.AB revealed low count and motility.


  • Tubal factor and Sperm factor
  • Heavy smoking and alcohol consumption by husband
  • Patient was advised ICSI in view of the above factors

IVF Cycle

  • In First ICSI cycle , 6 embryos were formed on day 3, out of which four were good grade. Embryos were transferred to the womb after laser assisted hatching. Beta HCG done 15 days later was positive. However, there was a miscarriage.
  • Patient underwent second cycle of ICSI after three months. Total 10 embryos were formed, out of which three A grade embryos were transferred after Laser Assisted hatching. Seven embryos were frozen. However, it resulted in failure.
    Patient underwent frozen embryo transfer cycle later. All seven day 3 embryos were thawed and cultured till blastocyst stage. Five blastocysts were formed, out of which two good blastocysts were transferred and three were frozen.

Positive Outcome

  • Beta HCG done 15 days later was positive, it doubled well. Scan done at 6 weeks showed single live intrauterine pregnancy. Patient delivered a healthy male child at term.