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Female Diagnosis

Evaluation for infertility should be in systematic, expeditious and cost-effective manner identifying all relevant factors. Generally, the initial emphasis is on the least invasive methods for the detection of most common causes. No treatment should be initiated until the baseline tests are performed.

When to evaluate??

  • No conception even after trying to conceive for one year
  • Early evaluation (after 6 months of trying) is needed when,
    • Age over 35 years
    • Menstrual abnormalities
    • Known/ suspected uterine/ tubal disease
    • Partner sub-fertile

Male Diagnosis

Infertility is a widespread problem. It is usually considered as a female problem, but in fact, in about 25% of an infertile couple the problem lies solely in male partners and another 15-25% is the male contribution.


Most patients with infertility become exhausted and start feeling hopeless as they go through repeated treatment failure over a prolonged period. In the majority of these, adequate counseling may not have happened. Due to this, they become confused and lose trust in the treatment.

Effect of infertility on the couple:

Marriage without children is considered as a failure of the two individuals. The couple prefers to stay isolated as this becomes the topic of discussion in every family or social event they attend. They start getting a feeling of guilt, shame, and even low self-esteem. The lack of respect shown by the near and dear ones becomes tough to handle. These couples are under tremendous pressure to prove to themselves, their family, and the society that they are as normal as the others. Just like a person with some disability is considered Not normal, similarly, an infertile couple especially a woman and that too in India has a lot to prove. It becomes harder and harder for the couple to believe that sooner or later they will overcome the problem and have a baby. They start feeling hopeless, but most of them pretend to be fine. The couples may start feeling that they are a burden on society. These feelings can be unpredictable, upsetting and can even cause tension in relationships. These couples may need help.