EVENT – 2018

Diwali Celebration (8th November 2018)

Navratri Celebration (10th October – 18th October 2018)

Day 8 color : Sky Blue!

Day 7 color : Red!

Day 6 color : White!

Day 4 color : Grey!

Day 3 color : Green!

Day 2 color : Yellow!

Day 1 color : Blue!

Ganapati Celebration (14th September 2018)

Received a warm Thank you from one of our Trainee Doctor !!

The Origin Team – Celebrating International Yoga Day !! (21st June 2018)

The Origin Team enjoys their work. Dealing with anxious and stressed patients needs fresh relaxed minds. The team does regular relaxation after working hours. This is the secret of happy and smiley faces, which our patients like.

Yoga is being accepted across the world. It is a beautiful gift given by India. We must take pride in doing it ourself. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, spiritual practices and disciplines which originated in ancient India. It relaxes the mind and body giving positivity in our daily work.

Website Launch (8th March 2018)

All India Radio Event (31st January 2018)