Laser Assisted Hatching – Advanced Scientific Technique

An advanced scientific technique, which uses Laser to create a hole in the outer shell of the embryo. This procedure is usually done prior to embryo transfer to improve the chance of implantation. Though this technique is done with precision and less manipulation, it does not guarantee a positive result. This is generally offered when the covering of the embryo is found to be thick as in case of Older women (>35years of age), in women with high Follicular stimulating hormone (FSH) level, Frozen embryo transfer cycle or in couples with repeated IVF failure.

The infertile couples suffer from emotional & societal strains. Failure of IVF cycle can further lead to frustration. One of the main reasons for IVF failure is the failure of the embryo’s to attach to the womb.

Normally, human eggs contain an outer layer or shell called Zona Pellucida. In the IVF laboratory, once the eggs are fertilized, the cells begin to divide. The embryo’s so formed within this shell has to hatch out in order to successfully attach to the womb. In any circumstances, if the hatching process does not happens, then the embryo fail to implant inside the womb.