Case Studies

Pregnancy at age of 40!

Couple History of Infertility

  • Mrs. DK and Mr. PQ had primary infertility since one year.
  • Mrs. DK was 40 year old and Mr. PQ was 36 year old.
  • In view of advanced age , couple decided to go for IVF treatment.


  • Semen analysis of Mr. PQ was normal.
  • AMH value of Mrs. DK was 1.76ng /ml.


  • Age factor and its effects on egg count, quality.
  • Risk of genetic abnormalities were also explained.
  • Couple wanted to do IVF treatment using self eggs.

IVF Cycle

  • During IVF stimulation, patient required higher dosage and duration of medication.
  • At Ovum pick up, 8 eggs were retrieved, of which 5 were mature.
  • On day 3, four A grade embryos were formed.
  • Embryo transfer was performed after Laser Hatching of the embryos.

Positive Outcome

  • After 15 days, pregnancy test was positive.
  • Early scan showed single live intrauterine pregnancy.