Case Studies

Pregnancy in a case of bilateral tubal block!

Couple History

  • Mrs. PN and Mr. DN presented to us as a case of secondary infertility
  • Mrs. PN was 29 yr old and had conceived naturally six years back which resulted in missed abortion.
  • Husband and wife were not always staying together because of husband’s job profile


  • Semen analysis: normal
  • AMH-3.46ng/ml
  • After one failed IUI cycle, Laparohysteroscopy was done .-bilateral tubal block, left hydrosalpinx, pelvic adhesions. Left sided tubal delinking was done.
  • Adhesinolysis was done.
  • Repeat AMH after 6 months –dropped to 2.20


  • Bilateral tubal disease, borderline ovarian reserve.
  • Couple was advised ICSI .

IVF cycle

  • After ovarian stimulation with standard dose of gonadotrophins 15 oocytes were retrieved.
  • Quality of oocytes was average. Only three blastocysts were formed and all three were transferred.
  • Third cycle of Embryo donation was done later with transfer of three blastocysts.

Positive Outcome

  • Beta HCG done 15 days later showed positive result. Scan at 6 weeks showed single live pregnancy. Mrs. PN delivered a healthy baby girl at term.