Real Stories At Origin

Real Stories At Origin

National Stories

Patient’s Location : Parbhani, Maharashtra
Years of Marriage : 20 Years
Husband’s Age : 50 Years
Wife’s Age : 43 Years
Problem : Egg weakness (Low AMH), Arcuate uterus, Mild sperm problem

Treatment: Hysteroscopy done (Endoscopic womb examination) to correct arcuate shape.
IVF/ICSI with donor eggs

Result : She got positive result in first cycle, but it was miscarriage at one & half month.
Second IVF cycle with donor eggs was performed after 4 months. She conceived twins in this cycle & currently ongoing twin pregnancy at 18 Weeks.

Patient’s Location : Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
Year of Marriage : 6 Years
Husband’s Age : 34 Years
Wife’s Age : 34 Years
Problem : History of myomectomy done, Minimal Endometriosis, Failed basic treatments.

Treatments: She underwent IVF/ICSI treatment with self eggs. In first cycle she conceived but had miscarriage at 1 ½ months. Then she underwent frozen embryo transfer cycle which got failed. So Hysteroscopy was performed which revealed arcuate uterus & uterine polyp. Polypectomy & fundal metroplasty was done. Post hysteroscopy, she underwent 2nd FET cycle where she conceived.

Result : Singleton pregnancy, currently at 34 weeks.

Patient From Versova Mumbai, Maharashtra

Patient’s Location : Varsova, Mumbai Maharashtra
Year of Marriage : 13 Years
Husband’s Age : 42 Years
Wife’s Age : 33 Years
Problem : Both Blocked tubes, Egg weakness(low AMH), sperm factor(less count and motility), Bad obstetric history

Treatments: Hysteroscopy (Telescopic womb examination) followed by IVF treatment with donor embryo.

Result : conceived in second cycle

Patient From Thane, Maharashtra

Patient’s Location : Thane, Maharashtra
Year of Marriage : 12 Years
Husband’s Age : 37 Years
Wife’s Age : 41 Years
Problem : Egg weakness (low AMH), Polyp and fibroid in the womb

Treatments: Surrogacy with donor eggs

Result : Healthy female baby delivered at 9 months

Patient From Dhule, Maharashtra

Journey of pregnancy at 54 years of age with 35 years of infertility from Dhule to Origin

We faced isolation by the society and ill treatment, but supported each other as a couple. Coincidentally, I had seen the news about Dr Mane having delivered the first surrogate mother of Thane on a small piece of crumbled newspaper at my house. Somehow, I believed that I must go to meet this doctor. I insisted and so my husband took me to Thane in June 2009. Dr Mane made me feel positive and gave me a renewed hope. Miraculously, my test came positive in the first attempt of IVF in October 2009. In order to earn our livelihood, my husband had to go back to Dhule. As I was alone here, Dr Mane arranged for me to stay with his parents, who looked after me during the entire pregnancy. I gave birth to a baby boy, Sarthak in June 2010. His name was chosen because our lives became meaningful on that day. Our son is doing very well at school and he is always keen to visit Origin and meet Dr Mane. We were happy for each other and were very happy to prove to the world that we were just like any other couple. This was all possible due to the entire Origin team headed by Dr Mane. We remain thankful and grateful to them and even Dr Mane’s parents.

Patient From Satara, Maharashtra

Patient’s Location : Satara, Maharashtra
Year of Marriage : 7 Years
Husband’s Age : 36 Years
Wife’s Age : 32 Years
Problem : History of secondary infertility since 6 years. Wife had undergone tubal ligation procedure (permanent sterilization) after one child. She also had egg weakness.

Treatments: IVF/ICSI with self and donor simultaneous stimulation with transfer of donor egg embryos.

Result : She conceived twins. She underwent embryo reduction procedure at 11-12 weeks from twins to singleton pregnancy and gave birth to healthy baby at the end of 9 months.

International Stories

Patient From Ethiopia

Patient’s Location : Ethiopia
Wife’s Age : 29 Years
Problem :Egg weakness (low AMH 0.89), miscarriage in prior pregnancy

Treatments:IVF/ICSI treatment

Result: Ongoing twin pregnancy

Patient From Ethiopia

Patient’s Location : Ethiopia
Year of Marriage : 6 Years
Husband’s Age : 33 Years
Wife’s Age : 36 Years
Problem : PCOD with egg weakness, Tubal disease : Bad obstetric history (History of prior miscarriages)

Treatments: Hystero-laparoscopy with bilateral tubal cannulation done. She underwent IVF/ICSI treatment with self egg two times and conceived in 2nd cycle.

Result : Single healthy baby deleirved at the end of months.

Patient From Australia

Patient’s Location : Australia
Year of Marriage : 8 Years
Husband’s Age : 42 Years
Wife’s Age : 41 Years
Problem : Egg weakness (Low AMH)
Recurrent IVF failures (8 IVF cycles failed)

Treatments: Donor egg treatment was done

Result : Successful at first attempt. Single healthy baby delivered.

Patient From Nigeria

Patient’s Location : Nigeria
Year of Marriage : 13 Years
Husband’s Age : 47 Years
Wife’s Age : 39 Years
Problem : Multiple fibroid in womb,Egg weakness (Low AMH), Azoospermia(absence of sperms), History of IVF cycles failed

Treatments: Hysteroscopy & Laparoscopy with myomectomy done

Result : 1)2011 – Sperm retrieved surgically through testis-TEST and Donor egg – IVF was done
2015 – For second pregnancy
Surgical sperm retrieval + Donor egg ICSI
positive income – Second child delivered

Patient’s Location : Ethiopia
Years of Marriage : 6 years
Husband’s Age : 41 years
Wife’s Age : 39 years
Problem : Secondary Infertility (History of 2 miscarriages & 1 ectopic pregnancy), egg weakness (low AMH) & multiple fibroid uterus

Treatment: She underwent Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy at Origin, 4 fibroid were removed, left ovarian cyst was removed, stuck portion of right ovary & tube was released.

Result : After 2 months of procedure, she conceived naturally. She delivered healthy & beautiful baby girl at the end of 9 months.