Young India can provide healthcare for the Aging world population

Origin is in London this week to represent Maharashtra at the World’s largest World Travel Exhibition. More than 180 countries are expected to be at this event to present themselves. The idea is to showcase our healthcare services to attract global patients to come to Maharashtra for treatment. Health should be delivered to all humans beyond boundaries of religion, caste and nationality. We must gear up to create the right impression about our doctors and the healthcare services worldwide. “Susanwaad Abhiyaan”is striving hard to create a generation of highly sensitized and skilled healthcare professionals across Maharashtra. The young population of India can offer quality healthcare for the entire human race.

Dr Sandeep Mane interviewed by NDTV London

India was widely represented at the World Travel Market (WTM), London by various states to promote their festivals, dance and tourist attractions. NDTV London interviewed Dr Sandeep Mane, Chairman, Origin Foundation, on the topic of Medical Tourism to India. It was a proud moment to tell the world that the trend of medical tourism has reversed. Patients from all over the world are happily travelling to India for various treatments as against travelling to the UK or USA as in the past. Time has come for India to streamline this flow of patients and offer medical services to the whole world in a systematic manner. This will help in improvement of the medical facilities, further upliftment of the medical profession and gain widespread love and respect for the country.